The One That Got Away - by Neil Pennock

I was recently watching the film The One That Got Away staring Hardy Kruger as it was given away by the Daily Mail newspaper. It is the story of Franz Von Werra the only German POW to escape from Britain and return to Germany..

It reminded me of a game in which I reached the following position.

Black had been lost for a long time. The white bishop on d6 is a monster and black had been looking to play round this piece. It may not be going anywhere but it controls f8 stopping the black king running from the king side and the b8 square as an entry square for a white rook or queen. White is also a pawn up and has just played Rook to e4. White offered a draw and I accepted!

This decision was effected by what had happened before rather than the position on the board which is clear win for Black.

Start Position

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