Links to useful chess web sites

This list is divided into sections, starting with other chess organisations that are relevant to Scarborough Chess Club. The other links are web sites that may be of interest for playing or training purposes.

Chess Organisations

The English Chess Federation - The governing body for chess in England.

The ECF Grading Database - A searchable database showing the grades of current and inactive players. Searchable by player or club.

The FIDE laws of chess - This is not just how to move the pieces, it includes rules relating to clocks and notation of games and the rules that apply to a quickplay finish. It is important reading for all competitive players.

York Chess - The website for the York League, including details of the clubs in the York area.

ECF League Management System - The ECF website now has a feature for managing league results and fixtures. Details of Scarborough's competitive matches are here.

Scarborough Chess Congress - Details of the annual chess congress held at the Spa. Note, this is not organised by Scarborough Chess Club.

Playing Chess Online - Free chess playing website. There is a choice of time controls and it is a big site.

Chess Cube - Another online chess playing site. Free registration. A good playing interface and it is possible to disable the chat and takeback request so once configured it is free from abuse (except the usual online problem of opponents abandoning losing games while leaving the clock running). - This is the playing website run by ChessBase. It requires membership but it free.

Chess Training

Chess Tempo - Practice chess tactics online. Free registration, although a more advanced membership can be paid for. The problems are taken from real games, unlike the typical "Mate in Two" type puzzles found in books. This is a very good website for tactical training.

Chess Tactics Server - Another site that provides chess problems to work through online.

Junior Chess - Online chess specifically aimed at kids, parents, chess coaches and school clubs.

General Chess Sites - Play online and train / solve puzzles.

Chess Corner - General chess site and more links.

Chessville - General chess site, problems, more links.

Chessopolis - General chess site and lots more links.

Game Archives

365 Chess - Very big online database. Requires registration to download games, as opposed to viewing, but it is free.

Chess Games Database - Archive of chess games from famous players. Searchable by player and / or ECO code.

Chess Tempo Database - Another big online games database.

PGN Mentor - Many games available for download in PGN format. Grouped by opening or by player.

Chess Software

ChessBase - The home of ChessBase database software and Fritz. This is the "industry standard" database software, but there is no longer a free version available.

WML Software for Chess - This site offers a free package called ChessPad which can store and view games in the PGN format.

Chess Equipment

The Chess Sets Company - Online shop for chess equipment.