The Yorkshire Coast Cup

On Wednesday 9th September, 2009 the Yorkshire Coast Cup was played at the North Riding Hotel, Scarborough. It was entered by a team from Whitby, a team from Bridlington and two teams from Scarborough. Games were "Rapidplay" with each player having 25 minutes for all their moves. There were 3 rounds so that the teams played each other once.

Yorkshire Coast Cup

Most of the players are ready for the third game.

The results were as follows:

  • Scarborough "A"
  • Bridlington
  • Scarborough "AA"
  • Whitby
  • 2.5 team match points
  • 2.5 team match points
  • 0.5 team match points
  • 0.5 team match points
  • 8 individual points
  • 7.5 individual points
  • 5 individual points
  • 3.5 individual points

Scarborough "A" won the cup beating Bridlington on board count. All four teams were quite evenly matched as Scarborough fielded two teams of similar playing strength.

Blitz Finish

Malcolm Peart (right) v Leon Skelton, Bridlington, playing a very fast ending.

The players for Scarborough were:

Scarborough "A": N. Pennock, C. Weller, S. Dixon, J. McFarlane (on loan from Bridlington to even the numbers).

Scarborough "AA": M. Peart, S. Chester, D. McGregor, N. Yates.


Duncan McGregor (right) v Mike Anderson, Whitby.


Colin Weller (right) v Bruce Oliver, Bridlington

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