York League First Team Opening Match

by Neil Pennock, 30 October 2021.

Scarborough Chess Club had a challenging start to the new season for the first team in the York and District Chess League with a home match against the reigning division one champions, Acomb.

The team had to play without its Captain and was significantly out graded on all the boards. The first game to finish was Neil Pennock when his opponent had a perpetual check. His opponent pointed out later that the computer gave a clearly winning line a few moves before the end but there was no way that Neil would have found this. A further draw was achieved by Brian Stevens when the position became completely blocked. On board three Simon Chester had lost a piece but had three not very dangerous pawns as compensation. With some deft manoeuvring and probably some help from his opponent a pawn was advanced to the sixth rank and then the seventh forcing the win of a piece and a won ending. Scarborough were now in the lead in the match, although it was not looking good on the other boards as all the Scarborough players were under pressure. Matt Conner, making his first appearance for the team, had won the exchange but his opponent had a powerful bishop for it and started to win pawns. Very short of time he lost the exchange and had to face an army of four space invader pawns moving down the board. The match was now level with both remaining games with players short of time. Paul Hutchinson gained a draw against Gavyn Cooper quickly followed by Malcolm Kirby 's opponent taking a draw by perpetual check with 15 seconds left on his clock. This left the match as a draw with the score three all.

Doug Rawlinson Trophy

by Neil Pennock, 29 September 2021.

The Scarborough Chess Club held the twentieth edition of the Doug Rawlinson Rapid Play Competition on the 27 September 2021. The clear winner was Colin Weller with four and a half points out of five and a whole point clear of the players in joint second place of Simon Dixon, Jon Ayres and Neil Pennock. This followed Colin Weller's three and a half points in the Minor at the Northumberland Minor which was half a point off the group winning the first prize.

Doug Rawlinson Trophy

by Neil Pennock, 18 August 2021.

The Scarborough Chess Club will be holding the Doug Rawlinson Rapid Play competition on Monday the 27 September commencing at 7.30 pm at the Roscoe Rooms, Roscoe Street, Scarborough. This gives players the opportunity to play five games in the evening against different opponents. You do not need to be a member of the club to attend but a fee of 3.00 is payable for the night by non members.